Human Initiation

by Strange Chan

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released January 10, 2016

James Chan- Vocalist, Songwriter, Co-Producer, Guitarist, Keyboards, Sequencer, and Harmonica
Riley Geare- Producer, Engineer, Percussionist, Bassist, Synth-Lead, Electric Guitar on "Strangers"
Scott Wray- Executive Producer, Sequencer, Songwriter, Art Design
Mastered By Sean Flora



all rights reserved


Strange Chan Portland, Oregon

Strange Chan is the brainchild and aesthetic extension of recording artist/ singer/songwriter James Chan.

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Track Name: Human Initiation
Into the world
Out of the blue
Spent the best years of my life wishing I were you
Not a lot’s happened since you bought the farm
Post adolescent limbo guess I thought I’d never live long
‘Cause I’ve been wishing you’d wake from the big dirt nap
But the shadow you cast indicates you’re never coming back
Now 30 years in
That’s when I began
To see the sea change
No more secrets this year
People soul searching, running, hiding from their deepest fears
Now we're all left with no time to test
No time to rest
I'm not buying what they're selling me

You and me
could take a good look at the tide
Find a good place to confide
Find out what's compelling me to
Take your place
Or take a good look in the mirror
Stop lagging in the human race
Make your move
Got something to prove
Find out what you're made of
But I'm not the only one, not the only one,
I'm not the only one
To burn their wings on the sun
Earth mother can you heal what we’ve done?
Can we still be your prodigal sons?

Track Name: Expensive People
Pretty one



Glow of the sun punctuates your skin
Placates the grin on your face
But does not replace

The cold heart that lies in your ribcage

Movie star

Shiny car


You’re all slaves to your fancy things
Blood diamond rings for the bride
Still doesn’t hide
The true price of pride’s ugly side 

Someday we’ll pay

If not in our lives

Maybe your kid’s

Think it’s safe to say

That in the world today

It pays to be well paid

So take all you can take
Because Carpe diem’s our way


Starved artist

Cut his wrist

He’ll never be what he sees on T.V.
Because it’s all just a ruse
He missed all the clues
Now the blues got the best of him

Track Name: Visceral
Beautiful fire feel the flame
As you walk in the room
Take away my breath with the view
By the light of the moon
Your smile disarmed me
Like the wink of an eye
That blitzkrieg heart attack
On the back of my mind

The Sirens sing a song in my head
With a halo above
Enough to make a tear trail down
Enough to boil my blood
Sail ‘round the world on a wave
Like a prodigal son
Gotta get a grip, get ahead
Get my thrills while I’m young

Something takes me over
When you take me in
How that short black skirt gets under my skin
When you get your fill
Will you have me back?
I was born to give
That's a natural fact
Track Name: Devil's Work
I once knew this girl
She must taste like caramel
I tried to pick her up
But my lines don't work so well
Looked through an old yearbook
To see her photograph
Sure'd love to fall in love
But I'm not sure it would last

She's so beautiful
The work of an artist's hand
No, no that's just the Devil's Work
That's just the Devil's work

I once knew this girl
She must taste like caramel
I tried to ask her out
She said, "Man, you can go to hell"
Looked through an old yearbook
And burned her photograph
Sure'd love to fall in love
But I'm not sure it would last


I once knew this girl
She taste, taste just like petrol
I went and took her out
But my presence took it's toll
I tried to forget her
With another love affair
The joke was lost on her
But it wasn't lost on me

Track Name: Strangers
If you and I were lovers
It would take the weight from my shoulders
No more pushing boulders uphill
Do with me what you will
If you and I were lovers

But you and I are strangers
And I am stranger still
In the gutter with the beggars and the traitors
Grave danger looms at my windowsill
‘Cause you and I are strangers

You drew me in
‘Til I was out of breath
I could feel the warmth of yours on my neck
And your chest pressed up against mine
You were so kind
Then you penetrate my heart and you left me exposed
Now everyone knows that I need you
Now you just taunt me
O’ how you haunt me
Why don’t you want me

If you and I were killers
You know we’d be the best
You’d kill them with your kindness
You kill me with caress
If you and I were killers

But you and I are losers
I lost it long ago
You lost it on my couch
I lost it on the phone
‘Cause you and I are losers

I cast out
You take the bait
My guard comes down straight out the gate
Then you lower yours second date
Our red wine lips meet I go in for the kill
Someone will hurt tears will spill
Only this time they won’t be mine
Track Name: No Fate
If you see the Devil tell ‘em I’m coming

If you see the Angel tell her not to wait up for me

If you see the prophet tell ‘em not to hold his breath
Waiting in vain for better days

When you hear the bombs you better start running

When you see the dam burst you better brace for the worst
When we finally see the light it’ll be far to late

To pack up and make the great escape 

And there’s nowhere left for us to run

The guns won’t win the battle

We’re fighting shadows of our selves
What’s here today is gone tomorrow

They say there is no fate but what we make
This is our fate make no mistake

If you take the train will you take me with you?
If you make a break do you mind if I tag along?
If the sky begins to cry will I build a wall?

Will lady grace embrace the damage done?

If I died tonight would it even matter?

If I left tomorrow would you even care if I’ve gone?
If I lived a lonely life could I rest a spell

And maybe later hang my hat in Hell?
Track Name: Modern Man
Shots heard ‘round the world today
Forty more bodies on the floor of a dorm
Another sick bastard blew a fuse

And refuse to be taken down without a storm
These events are cause to query
Just where we all went wrong
What kind of crazy creature Solves their problems with a gun?

Modern mother lost her mind
Blindly threw her babies off a bridge
Without a care for consequence

I guess she just got tired of her kids
Or maybe she can’t stand to bare
The future they’ll have to face

Of course it’s just a cop out

She can’t stand the human race 

I am just a modern man

Living in the world without a plan
Just another modern man

Waiting for the shit to hit the fan

Modern man in a traffic jam

Still can’t read the writing on the wall

The more things change they stay the same

The game’s called kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall

And I’d hate to break the bad news
The U.S. will be no less
‘Cause fear’s the latest fashion
Primal passion at its best

I am just a modern man

Living in a world without a plan
Just another modern man

Waiting for the shit to hit the fan

Just run and run and run around the treadmill
Like a rabbit in a cage
Track Name: The Future
The Earth keeps spinning ‘round
And the sky keeps falling
Mom and Dad are dying
Can you hear the future call?
When we were kids
We lived under clear skies

Clean water was free
Our hearts were so alive 

One day it goes away
And the darkness rolls in

We focus on the pain
And drift apart from our friends
The ones that didn’t die
Are different people now

It’s funny how things change
Am I different somehow? 

If there is a God
I think we’d find it laughing
Dancing undecided
making love with this world
Is this strange place
Some cosmic coincidence
And if it’s the case is it the only one?

The future isn’t set;
It hasn’t happened

If we stick together
We’ll have a fighting chance
When the weather changes
I’ll keep you from the cold
The future is uncertain for the young
Not for the old
Track Name: Sisyphus (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Borderline Personality Disorder)
There’s an itch

I can’t scratch

A taste in my mouth

I just can’t seem to get out
So I claw at my face

And scratch at my skin

When it all heals up I began again
I get nowhere

Been doing it since I was a teen
Putting out fires with gasoline
A fool no one could keep

I felt like such a freak I lost control
Now I fixate on the flaws
When the anxiety calls

I’ll obsess all I like
Does that strike you as odd at all?

What would Sigmund think of the condition my condition has been in?

Would Nietzsche say, “Embrace Dionysus and you’ll feel like a God”?
What didn’t kill me made me stronger but it also made me a little stranger
And feeling just like Sisyphus 

There’s a girl

Makes me sweat

So sensational

I pined for her the moment we met
But I made a mistake

I broke protocol

Overwhelmed her with advances
‘Til I watched the sky begin to fall

I’d been building her up in my head
Lip synching all the words that I probably should not have said
The scene plays in repeat I always play the creep
I never skip a beat
The last thing I saw

An image etched in my brain
Her eyes looking into to mine While the rival dragged her away 

Did I reek of desperation?
Did the scent cut through your Nat Sherman cigarettes?

Did your friend think I was sorry
When I apologized profusely like a dog?

And when your date gave me daggers
Did he know I never heard a word about him?

I guess I should have asked you first 

I’m in love

With myself

My suspicions abound

I share nothing with anyone else
‘Cause we live for ourselves

In these obsessive times

You can see it in the eyes
Of all the poor souls caged in their cars

I’ve been dying just to feel alive
Been doing it now since 1995
When I was just nineteen
I watched my best friend die
Now I feel the neglect

Still coming on strong

Still starving for affection

Still life goes on and on and on and on and on and on

Did I squander my relations

With self gratification as alternative?

Did rejection take it’s toll?
Should I sell my soul back to the Devil?
If I could do it all again would I dare do anything differently?
Or will my scars just scare you off again?
‘Cause you could be the nail in my coffin